What we do and how we do it are guided by a core set of values that define our brand.

Provence Life honors tradition, simplicity, and natural elegance that is Provence.

We ensure that YOU are at the center of your home purchase, renovation and, decoration experience.
Provence Life was built around the ethos of promising that your vision remains at the heart of every project, and each of our services supports delivering on that promise. Our commitment is to make sure your experience is meaningful, rich, and as seamless as possible.

Simplicity in Process & Style

Combining several key services under one roof, we take what can be a complex and stressful process and make it uncomplicated - even joyful. From our personal sales research, to a streamlined renovation process, to our design and decorating approach and style - our focus is always on the beauty in simplicity.

Devotion to Authenticity

Provence Life favors a natural, contemporary Provençal style rooted in all that can be found locally. Our home design, vision, and products reflect the organic beauty found in the region, emphasizing light, wood, stone, and the nourishing wellbeing found in the natural sights and sounds that bring our senses alive.

Sharing Our Experience

Knowing the most qualified professionals and sourcing the finest materials can takes years in this region. We have built a business on sharing our network. Provence Life offers a curated connection to of trusted experts - from builders and artisans to accountants, decorators and antiques dealers.

Respecting Transformation

We take great pride in being the bridge that connects the old with the new - be it restoring an old home or helping clients begin a new chapter in life. Transformation requires a delicate balance of patience, respect for tradition, and a deep care for materials. We keep alive the heart and soul of what has been by sharing histories and stories related to products and services we offer.